Evenflo SureRide DLX Review (Convertible Car Seat)

Convertible seats are a preferred choice by many parents as they`re designed for their child`s infancy to later years.

But a truly convertible seat should last right from the moment you take your baby home from the hospital until when they`re almost ready to go to school, and this is what the Evenflo Sureride offers.

Two of the major highlights of the Evenflo is the ability to be used both as a rear facing and forward facing car seat.

But beyond the convertible feature, what else makes the Evenflo a remarkable baby seat?

The Evenflo is durable to say the very least, affordably priced and passed safety tests thus providing your child with the ultimate protection.

Beyond the above awesome features, this car seat is extremely lightweight and comes with a gamut of exciting auxiliaries such as cup holders, fun & machine-washable fabrics, and six harness positions.

We have compiled a comprehensive Evenflo SureRide DLX Review that will offer you deeper insights regarding this car seat and help you make an informed decision.

Key Features of Evenflo SureRide Car Seat.

1. Safety-A High Priority

Evenflo is a company with over four decades' experience in manufacturing car seats, and safety has always been its top-most priority. One of their standout mission is providing the safety, well-being, and development of children.

But does their mission statement hold water, or it`s just another case of hyped advertising?

As it turns out, Evenflo does more than appealing their clientele, they take extra measures to ensure their products are safe and reliable as they can be.

Industry Standards

Like all car seats in the US, the Evenflo has undergone rigorous testing and emerged as one of the most preferred convertible car seat for new parents. For instance, it has passed the Federal Crash Test for multiple harness positions and also the ASM safety standards.

But there`s nothing novel about that since it`s standard practice, right?

Yes, but what makes the Evenflo brand standout is the fact that it has an in-house crash testing facility. Here, all their products undergo immense crash and side testing process. According to Evenflo, this process is two times rigorous than the federal crash tests standards.

For instance, the Rollover testing is a crash-test that will simulate a roof-to-ground car accident, while the aircraft testing will ensure that your car seat meets the requirements set by FAA Inversion to secure your little one in the seat while in the air.

Underlining the safety feature on this seat is the energy absorbing padding. Beyond boosting the comfort of your kid, this padding is also tailored to protect your kid in case of an accident, and while at it, will also keep your little one safely in place while driving.

Owing to its modest price, many parents are often wary of the DLX and are skeptical to purchase it thinking it will not provide the necessary safety for their kid. The good thing is that Evenflo has made sure that it does.

From the body pillows, soft head to meeting the safety standards, the Evenflo DLX car seat will keep your kid comfortable and safe in a highly tested haven, without sacrificing safety for the price.

2. Comfort-All around Cushioning

Compared to other convertible car seats within its price range, the padding on the DLX is more than sufficient.

Most parents like the fact that the fabric on the Evenflo is soft to the touch. Unlike a majority of the car seats with a plastic feel on them, this one is soft, cushy and accommodative to the very sensitive skin of your little one.

In addition to the fabric, the DLX comes with a removable head and body pillow for the ultimate convenience and comfort.

And of course, you`ll love the cup holders, which promote convenience when riding with your little tot. If you have a small car, you`ll also love the fact that the cup holders can be folded to create more space and save room for the car.

The reclining system on the seat is yet another wonderful feature that allows you to adjust the seat into any of the six positions, while in a rear position.

However, it should be noted that this car seat is roomy and cozy and may not be the best fit for small cars.

For those who are always on the move, or like to take airplane trips, the Evenflo has tailored the seat to meet the airline requirements. The seat comes with a handle that will allow for easy hauling, and this is a feature that we don`t often see even with the high-end models.

Agreeably, we cannot claim the seat is aesthetic or most stylish, but it`s offered in multiple colors. Although I`m a strong fanatic of the fashionable prints much as anyone else, I don`t always want to pay extra for them, so I choose the bland and subtle colors.

3. Height and Weight Limitations

As we had mentioned earlier on, DLX is tailored to fit babies right from their infancy up to when they`re fully grown to get supported by the regular seat belts.

In a rear-facing position, the Evenflo DLX can support babies with a weight of between 5-40 pounds, and a height limit of between 19-40 inches.

On the other hand, the forward facing position is more accommodative as it can support kids weighing between 22 to 65 pounds, and a height limit of 28 to 54 inches.

The six harness positions on the Evenflo DLX will allow you to adjust your seat to a broader range of heights. Besides enhancing your kid’s comfort, the flexibility of the harness system allows you to keep your child in the convertible seat for longer than other seats. Remember that the longer your kid stays in a harness, the better as the harness provides more protection than booster seats.

Sporting an easy to use latch system, the DLX will allow you to latch the seat to your back seat or even buckle it through the back without the need of running the seat belt across the front of the car seat.

However, this is only possible when you switch the car seat from a rear position to a forward-facing position. Nonetheless, it`s still a novel feature in the convertible car seat`s domain, and we`re yet to see another car seat using this technology.

4. Installation

When it comes to the installation of the Evenflo DLX, the reviews are quite mixed, and the opinions vary depending on the buyers.

For some, the installation of the seat is a simple and easy affair that will even allow you to transfer the seat between cars with less of a hassle. For others, compared to other brands such as Britax ClickTight Boulevard Car Seat, the process is a deal-breaker that they cannot overcome.

Either way, for the most convenient installation, you should use the latch system that will allow you to attach the seat to your vehicle`s seat easily. Moreover, it`s safer, and you`ll feel confident knowing that the system will keep the seat in place in case of an accident.

Though there is a latch release lever, it seems it doesn`t offer sufficient slack to unhook the straps from the anchors. More to this, there is an increasing concern on the strength that you need to tighten the straps.

5. Convenient for travel

Weighing only 65 pounds, the SureRide DLX is an awesome option for traveling. Most importantly, the seat does not require a base to lock the car seat into.

Therefore, rather than having to worry about latching and installing a base in each car your kid will ride in, the DLX is flexible as it will allow you to install the seat either using a latch or a seat belt.

This way, the DLX does away with the necessity of buying multiple car seat bases for use in separate cars or the agony of taking it in and out whenever the need arises.


1. Guarantees your child’s Safety.

Evenflo SureRide DLX has exceeded all the necessary safety standards; federal crash test and side-impact crash test standards. It has attained FAA Approval and high safety ratings.

2. Budget-friendly

Evenflo Sureride dlx is one of the cheapest car seats in the market. However, its low price doesn’t compromise its great functioning and amazing features.

3. Lightweight

Weighing just 65 lbs., you can move it around with much ease. What’s more, it is a perfect car seat for air travel due to its weight. Remember to keep it in a forward facing position on the plane to allow leg room.

4. Grows with your baby

Unlike most convertible car seats with lower maximum height and weighing limits, this car seat features the highest maximum and weight limits. It is suitable for use by a five-pound infant as it is for a five-year-old. Thus you will have to dig deeper in the pocket for another car seat before your kid outgrows car seats.


1. Bulky

The car seat takes up lots of space especially when installed in a rear-facing position. However, most clients overlook this for its other great features.

2. Less durable

Some users argue that the car seat is less durable since its super light.

3. Harness strap pads

The car seat lacks the harness strap pads. Although the covers are not crash-related, the harness buckles are usually close to each other, and in most cases, they can rub against your baby`s skin. The good news is, you can purchase them separately.


Evenflo SureRide is one of the most popular brands among new parents. Apart from its durability and harnessed safety features, this convertible car seat is a bargain compared to other models. It is cheap, and you won’t have to break the bank to get it.

In addition, Evenflow SureRide DLX is lightweight, and it can be used both forward-facing and rear-facing. On the downside, most parents say that this car seat takes a lot of space when installed, and may not be the best option for small cars.

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